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Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is a Los Angeles native and San Francisco transplant who currently resides in East Los Angeles, California. His artistic narrative is deeply rooted in the environments that have defined him, most notably the fast-paced, high-energy subcultures of skateboarding and graffiti. Nathan's artistis signature is characterized by its elusive and ever-everolving style and tehnique, demonstrating his ability to embrace every meduim at his disposal.

In his current body of work, Nathan navigates the intricate terrain of muti-medium pieces, exploridng the nuances dimensions of textures, abstraction, and the creation of unique compositions, resulting in the emergence of a truly distinc visual language. Functioning as both painter and craftsman, his works often find their canvas on meticulously custom-built surfaced, where eclectic blend of materials and techniques coalese to produce art that engages and challenges the oberver's percecption.

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