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Nick Dodge

B. 1989, Denton, TX

Nick Dodge is an artist who focuses on exploring techniques using raw materials and refining them. Since a young age, he has been fascinated with manufacturing processes that involve mechanical repetition and large quintiles. His main medium is Acrylic plexiglass because, according to Dodge, once the protective film is removed, it leaves behind a "Perfect Object." The artist strives to recreate perfection in all his works, and this "Perfect Object" is exactly what he aims for. He finds the idea of it being free of blemishes or wear fascinating. 

Dodge's fixation on a strange duality that plexiglass offers is another reason for choosing it as his medium. He believes it is a symbol that some things are better off left alone. However, this fixation leads to a vicious cycle of chasing perfection while accidentally dismantling it.


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