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We Offer Free Worldwide Delivery On All Unframed Limited Edition Prints
  • Commercial Hospitality 

    Elevate the ambiance of commercial hospitality spaces with Art Solutions' bespoke framing solutions, marrying artistic expression with the distinctive character of your establishment.

  • Interior Design

    Transform interior spaces into curated masterpieces with Art Solutions' bespoke framing solutions, seamlessly blending artistic expression with the unique design aesthetics of your project.

  • Photography + Art

    Creating the right visual impact of your photography and art is our No. 1 goal to showcase your images in a captivating and timeless manner.

Who we are and what we do...

At Art Solutions, we specialize in delivering bespoke framing solutions for artists, galleries, interior designers, Real Estate, corporate and residential clients.

Our team comprises accomplished artisans, many of whom are artists or bring extensive experience from the museum and heritage sector. Whether working with cherished traditional materials or employing innovative contemporary techniques, each frame is meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional quality, longevity, and aesthetic distinction.

For Printing + Digital processing.

In short, 44″x200″

Most of the papers we offer come in 44″ rolls and that is the maximum width we can print, however, the length of your print can be as long as you need. Unless it’s necessary, we recommend limiting the max size to 44″x200″ to avoid issues with processing the files. We also have some papers rolls that are 60″ wide. Please contact us for custom quotes.

The best way to resize your files is to use photo editing software like Photoshop. You can also use the free online tool Please follow the steps here to set the print size correctly. This method allows you to upload your files as “Print ready files” which is the best for fine art printing. 

If you don’t have access to any photo editing software, you can use our online design tool available on each product page. This tool allows you to simply upload and resize your images online. The online design tool works best for prints smaller than 18×24. 

If you need help resizing your files, please email us your files and details and request to resize them.  

No. You don’t need to add any bleed or trim marks for poster printing. Our software does that automatically. 

Please note, if you add trim marks to your files, we will not cut your poster based on those marks. Our CNC cutter automatically cuts to the posters to match the print size you submitted. 

If the dimensions of your poster are too large and Photoshop doesn’t allow you to save it as PDF, you can change the resolution to 200 dpi and try saving it again (the quality of your print will still be great since it’s a PDF file).

If your file contains multiple smaller posters and you are planning to cut them out after printing, consider splitting your file into smaller pieces

If none of the above works, contact us for alternative solutions like uploading a different format

Most Industrial and budget desktop printers only use 4 ink colors to produce any image. Therefore, designers have to sacrifice a wide color gamut of their design by convert their file to CMYK to match the printer. Modern Digital printers however, use up to 10 different colors to produce the widest color gamut, capturing the most intricate details of any form artwork. 

We accept RGB files and so you don’t have to covert your files to CMYK and loose all the vibrant colors in the process. We recommend you send us RGB files because our processes is optimized to produce the most accurate colors however, you make the final decision on color mode.

Art Solutions, fueled by passionate artists, dedicated to nurturing our artist community. Trust us to elevate your work with utmost care and artistic expertise.
We offer bespoke frames in natural wood,white or black with the choice of two different mounting styles, classic mount or float mount

To ensure your Limited Edition Print is well protected we use ph neutral i.e acid free tapes, board and back mount. The artwork is entirely stuck down and mounted to the frame. By using this technique of entirely sticky down the artwork it means that the artwork is less likely to react to different level of humidity and therefore achieving a completely straight print in the frame. Our Frames are bespoke clean white frames with two options of mount - Classic mount or Float mount which are explained below.

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