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GL Wood

GL Wood started with the most basic forms of artwork, always creating and drawing as a child. In 2000, Wood attended the University of Georgia and began his journey to combine photography with other forms of mixed media. After a couple of successful art shows in the U.S. and Italy, he moved to Los Angeles to further his photography career. In the early 2000s, Wood made a name for himself as a music photographer, shooting bands in the Los Angeles live scene (The Kills, The White Stripes, Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Shadow). Around 2005, his work in the music scene transitioned into the fashion and celebrity world, expanding his talents and vision to a new audience while earning him several awards for his work.

In 2008, Wood made a move to New York City. NYC opened massive opportunities for his vision and creativity and expanded his talents. During the next ten-plus years, what started as just photography expanded into an independent production house that includes art direction, creative consultation, design work, branding, fine art, and photography production and editing. Wood’s rich life experience and multi-faceted talents inform his artwork, which utilizes collage to juxtapose different elements, taking his high-fashion inspiration to new places.

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