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Andrew Kuykendall

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Andrew Kuykendall was born in south Los Angeles. His family lived in 13 different places by the time he was seven years old. This inadvertently created a connection with chaos and a desire to stay in motion and never get too comfortable.

This forward motion has never ceased. Kuykendall attributes most of his inspiration to be drawn from his history of traveling. At age 18, he left home to explore the world, gathering experiences and acquiring a perspective apparent in both his gritty imagery and polished commercial work.

This passion for motion and exploration has been sustained throughout Kuykendall’s life and career. Having lived in Paris, Krakow, NYC, Rome, San Francisco, Lima, and London, this wanderlust and multicultural adaptability has expanded his range among foreign clients and continues to inspire his work.

Kuykendall began his passion for image making with documentary photography, shooting instant Polaroids of his friends and experiences. Seeing the potential for a greater narrative, this evolved into a desire to create more styles of imagery, both raw and polished, along with a deep affection for the use of color and exploring intimacy. After attending the prestigious Art Centre College of Design in Los Angeles, Kuykendall pursued a career in fashion photography. He assisted celebrity and fashion photographers for a short time before breaking off and building his own business.

His work continues to demonstrate a worldly, sometimes street-influenced, and yet painterly feel. There is an underlying nostalgia and sensuality that exists, along with an intangible sense of decay in the locations he is drawn to.

Kuykendall hates sleep and loves hot sauce, pugs, trailer parks, and airport bars. His work has been shown in galleries in Hamburg, Barcelona, Tokyo, London and Los Angeles.

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