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Prospex Park

Prospex Park is a digital portrait project by artist and creative director Rupert Cresswell.

The artworks are all created using a mixture of AI generated imagery and photo-retouching.

“As a British person who is new to living in Los Angeles, Prospex Park is a response to the sense of wonder and oddity that the city evokes in someone who is an outsider looking in.

The project originated naturally, with a visit to the LA landmark Canter’s Deli inspiring the creation of the first collection: “Diner Dates,” which features AI-generated portraits of diners from an imagined past (or perhaps future.)

This led me to consider a larger community beyond the diners, which inspired the creation of Prospex Park, a fictional suburban community explored through vibrant, AI-generated portrait collections.

Currently, the project consists of three collections, with more planned, that offer a commentary on the strange and diverse communities that exist in the real world.”

- Rupert Cresswell

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