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Mid Summer Nights Dream

Designed by Gareth Stehr

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Title: "Midsummer Night's Dream"

Edition: 1/1

Artist: Gareth Stehr

Medium: Acrylic and Spray Paint on Wood

Dimensions: 20.5" x 26.5" (52.1cm x 67.3cm)


In the mesmerizing artwork "Midsummer Night's Dream," Gareth Stehr masterfully merges artistic traditions to create an enigmatic and captivating composition. This unique piece, measuring 20.5" x 26.5," showcases Stehr's extraordinary talent in blending acrylic and spray paint on wood.

Drawing inspiration from a vintage Victorian portrait housed within an ornate golden frame, Stehr seamlessly combines the essence of classic artistry with the raw and vibrant energy of street art. His brush strokes transform the canvas into a surreal figure of a woman, evoking echoes of Picasso's stylistic flair.

The surrealist figure of the woman, crafted with meticulous detail, emerges from the juxtaposition of classical and urban aesthetics. The enchanting fusion of styles infuses the artwork with a dreamlike quality, transporting viewers into an otherworldly realm of imagination and contemplation.

Gareth Stehr's artistry is a true testament to his visionary talent, bringing together divergent artistic genres and creating a harmonious dialogue within a single canvas. "Midsummer Night's Dream" exudes an allure that defies categorization, leaving the audience spellbound by its intriguing beauty.

Within this masterpiece, Stehr celebrates the boundless possibilities of art, where the collision of diverse influences sparks an artistic alchemy that is entirely his own. The woman's portrait, nestled within the ornate frame, invites viewers to ponder the intersection of time, tradition, and contemporary expression.

In every stroke, "Midsummer Night's Dream" captures the essence of artistic innovation and imagination, epitomizing Gareth Stehr's exceptional talent as a true "one in a million" artist.

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