Art is playing a huge role in the real estate industry right now. Purchasing or renting artwork to display throughout a property can add value, enhance the overall aesthetic, and make your client’s property more attractive to potential buyers or renters. In LA, where the art scene is thriving, it is a major selling point for both luxury properties and upscale developments. When you are staging a home in LA, there is no tool more powerful than artwork.

You’ll definitely want to take advantage of LA’s strong art culture by showcasing local artists in the property, commissioning site-specific installations, or curating a collection of artwork to elevate the space and help potential buyers envision themselves living in the home. When it comes to choosing art for home staging, it's important to consider the style and feel of the home, as well as the preferences of the target buyer demographic.

For example, a modern, minimalist home may benefit from bold, abstract artwork, while a more traditional home may be better suited to landscape paintings or classic portraits. In LA, there are many options for sourcing art for home staging. Local galleries and art fairs can be great resources, as well as online marketplaces such as Art Solutions.

Next, when it comes to placing art in a staged home, it's important to consider the placement and framing of the artwork. Art should be hung at eye-level and positioned to complement the furniture and décor in the room. Neutral framing can help the artwork blend seamlessly into the space.

In addition to adding value to a property, incorporating art has a positive impact on the surrounding community. You’re able to provide opportunities for local artists to showcase their work to a wider audience and provide an opportunity for artists to earn income. It also helps artists build relationships with you as an agent, interior designers, and other professionals in the industry. This can lead to future collaborations and opportunities for the artist to showcase their work in other contexts.