Art can say many things about you. Whether it's a single piece or a home collection, the art you choose allows you to create an opportunity to reflect on your emotions, values, and experiences. When you consume and curate art, you're not only connecting with it on a visual level-there's also an emotional connection. The colors, composition, and imagery used in a work can communicate so many complex emotions.

Your art collection is such a powerful way to share with others your identity and worldview. Appreciation of art is a highly individualized and subjective experience. People can connect with a specific style for a variety of reasons, ranging from personal aesthetic preferences to emotional connections to the artwork. We're excited to explore that emotional connection more, as we aim to help you find the type of art that you enjoy.

Let's take a dive into your personality and interests to explore how they might connect with popular art styles. What will your art collection say about you as their collector?


Are you broad and open-minded? Tend towards controversy? You might be drawn to Cubism. This style ignores traditions of drawing in perspective by considering a subject from various angles. This approach was seen as controversial at the time because it challenged the long-standing conventions of Western art, which had prioritized the creation of an illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface.


Do your friends praise your agreeableness? Are you conscientious? Do you have a tendency to avoid conflict? You may be drawn to Impressionism, for a variety of reasons. This style showcases the beauty and peacefulness of the world. Quintessential impressionist works are softer and more muted in tones and don't seek to offend.


Do you value traditions? Precision? Accuracy? You just might be drawn to the Renaissance style. These folks have a preference for classic, figurative art pieces and still lifes characterized by this style. This preference may stem from a belief in preserving traditional values and appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship required to create such pieces. Additionally, the realistic forms and attention to detail in Renaissance art can be appealing to those who value precision and accuracy.


Do you have an intellectual interest in art and the world around you? Does this interest give you the desire to present controversial ideas? This would be very unsurprising for an Abstract art lover, since these pieces are certainly known to cause a bit of a stir.

We've had some fun with personality traits and art styles, but remember your taste in art should come from that feeling deep in your gut. Art preferences are highly subjective and can vary greatly among individuals, regardless of their personality traits. You might like a piece of art that contrasts entirely with your personality! No matter what, it's about the joy that art can bring to you and your space. Explore art now to find a piece that speaks to you!