9945 Beverly Grove Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210

In the world of luxury real estate, a visionary is defined not just by the properties they represent but by the transformative experiences they create. Vanessa Villela is a trailblazing real estate agent from “The Agency” Brentwood office. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Vanessa has presented an unparalleled collaboration that seamlessly merges the realms of luxury real estate and fine art.

A Twilight Spectacle: A Showcase of Extravagance

This exclusive event welcomed over 200 guests to the property, offering them a chance to experience the epitome of modern living within the Hills of Beverly Hills. This open house was no ordinary affair it was a convergence of two worlds – luxury real estate and fine art.

A Fusion of Art and Luxury: Partnering with Art Solutions and Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery

To elevate the experience to unprecedented heights, Vanessa Villela joined forces with Art Solutions and the prestigious Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. As guests explored the lavish interiors and stunning outdoor spaces, they were met with a mesmerizing display of over $2 million worth of exquisite art and sculptures thoughtfully curated to complement the property's modern aesthetic.Sir Daniel Winn & Vanessa Villela

A Glimpse into the Art World

Among the artists featured in this remarkable showcase were renowned names whose talents span the spectrum of creative expression. The works of Sir Daniel Winn, the sculptural virtuoso, graced the property, evoking a harmonious blend of form and emotion. Andrew Soria, a skilled digital artist and photographer, brought a modern touch to his captivating visual stories. Tom Fraud, an expert in travel photography, transported guests to far-flung destinations with his evocative imagery. And adding an enchanting touch, special guest Tony Ferrari, the acclaimed opera singer, breathed life into the ambiance with his soul-stirring performances.

Sakura by Tom Fraud Photography. Represented by Art Solutions

Architectural Marvel: An Oasis of Modern Living

Amidst this exquisite fusion of art and luxury lies an architectural marvel that is as captivating as the masterpieces it hosted. The two-story entrance ushers guests into a world of elegance, where walls of glass seamlessly dissolve, revealing an awe-inspiring panoramic city view. Outdoor spaces become enchanting extensions of indoor living, with an inviting bar and fire pit setting the stage for memorable evenings.

Elegance and Creativity

Vanessa Villela's Twilight open house marked a remarkable fusion of luxury real estate and fine art, weaving together the brilliance of architectural design with the enchantment of artistic expression. The $25.8 million Beverly Hills listing stands not just as a property, but as a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity. 

This breathtaking collaboration of real estate, art, and luxury leaves us with a glimpse into the possibilities that await in the realm of modern living. And as the sun sets over this Beverly Hills masterpiece, it's clear that the worlds of beauty, creativity, and sophistication are intricately intertwined, forever defining the essence of this exceptional property

More about the property

A magnificent museum-quality, contemporary home with breathtaking city and ocean views — an extraordinary and unique find, even in Beverly Hills. A five-minute drive from the Beverly Hills Hotel, the luxurious gated property boasts 6 bedrooms, 10 baths, a soaring 36? grand entry foyer and fully automated floor-to-ceiling glass walls that disappear at the touch of a button, seamlessly integrating approximately 15,500 sq. ft. of exquisite indoor/outdoor living.

The home boasts every amenity imaginable, including a 100’ infinity-edge pool and a lavish outdoor entertaining area. Its Craftsman-quality finishes and fixtures are simply impossible to replicate, while imported materials, from the maid’s quarters to the master bedroom suite, transform the home into a modern work of art.The design is both innately beautiful and functional; a concept that Shelly and Avi Osadon, the husband and wife duo behind SEE Materials and SEE Construction, flawlessly choreographed.

Upon arrival, the first of a series of show-stopping moments is its impressive scale with an attention to detail that is never compromised. The grand pivot door sweeps open to reveal a 36-foot high ceiling and gleaming chandelier comprised of 25 custom, glass-blown globes. This enormous entry space offers a view through the home to the backyard in one continual gaze. The main level living area flows to the outdoor living area, without one step or change in elevation.

Engineered marble slabs measuring 5 x 10 feet are Italian-imported and create exquisitely seamless floors throughout. With years of dedicated experience facilitating the production and selection of customized materials for clients, Shelly and Avi have traveled to far corners of the world to bring rare, stunning, and oftentimes unexpected elements to this property.Nothing in the home exists for a singular purpose, but rather to evoke an emotional and lasting connection. Guests are sure to stop in their tracks when they experience the living room powder with its angled mirror and floating sink design. The metallic black pearl wallpaper lining the master bathroom creates a mesmerizing, kaleidoscope effect, while the 150 feet of custom floating planters outside present privacy in a captivating way.

As anyone familiar with SEE Materials knows, Shelly’s design aesthetic is alluring and moving. Consider the dining room table and living room seating group, areas which are illuminated by custom designed glass tube chandeliers, or the custom leather wall commanding attention in the family room. Sharing the lower level is a theater room, climate-controlled wine room, two additional bedroom suites, and a game area that features a window looking into the pool above.Whether sipping wine at the tasting bar or upstairs soaking up the view from the 2,200-square foot master suite, one’s experience remains awe-inspiring. Venture outside to the incredible infinity-edged pool featuring a 12 person spa, fireplace, and entertainment area. The partially-submerged chaise lounges, reminiscent of a Greek island getaway, face the Pacific ocean in the distance as the basin of Los Angeles unfolds like a blanket.

Taken altogether, the home demonstrates how the cleanest lines and understated detailing can create the most profound impact. To describe this home as anything less than a team’s greatest work falls short of its brilliance. Every detail of this majestic estate showcases the five years of heart and dedication that went into making 9945 Beverly Grove the perfection that it is, a truly one-of-a-kind property of rare distinction.